Heating repairs

Should the boiler not come on when you expect it to, please run through the following check list before reporting to SLH:

  1. Is the electrical power switch on the wall switched on? (white ON/OFF switch next to boiler)
  2. Have you got gas and is there credit on the meter? If you have any other gas appliances, are they working e.g. cooker, gas fire?
  3. Some boilers have a small RESET button on the front panel. If the boiler does not come on try pressing this button and holding in for 5 seconds.
  4. Check the room thermostat, usually fitted in the hall. Turn it up fully to check that the boiler comes on. Then reset it to the temperature you prefer, normally between 21 and 23 degrees.
  5. Is the programmer in timed mode? Switch to ‘CONSTANT’ to check the boiler comes on, then reset to timed mode. Check the time of the clock. If your electricity has been off for any length of time it is likely that the clock is showing the wrong time. Reset the clock if necessary.
  6. Are the radiators warming up? Turn the radiator valves to the side of each radiator fully up and down a couple of times to ensure the valve is working freely. To test the radiator please turn each valve to the highest number. After testing, reset to your original required setting.
  7. If there is still a fault on the system please get in touch.

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