The Market Place

The Market Place is a volunteer-run community shop in Speke which offers food and essential household goods to SLH tenants on a low income.

The shop is located on Western Avenue near Hale Road and is owned and run by South Liverpool Homes. The Market Place links with food charity FareShare and other local sources of food and household goods, allowing residents on a low income to gain access to essential goods at a vastly-reduced price.

The Market Place was set up by a small project team at South Liverpool Homes and is run solely by volunteers.

The project is about ‘more than just food’ - we also aim to make the shop a friendly, accessible venue where local people can find out about the range of services that SLH provides.

How to become a member

Please complete our online application form below. We will then review your application and let you know if you meet the criteria for membership.

How does the membership work?

The Market Place - How it Works

Once you become a member, you will receive a membership card. You can then go along to the shop with your card and in exchange for £2.50 you will be able to choose goods to the approximate value of £15. Food, toiletries and household cleaning products will all be available.

Who is eligible?

Any SLH tenant who is on a low income and is struggling to pay for rent, food, household bills. This may include people who are working and those receiving benefits. When you apply for membership, there will be questions on the application form about money that comes into and out of your home. We will use your answers to these questions to assess if you are eligible for membership.

Where is The Market Place?

177 Western Avenue
L24 3UP

What are the opening times?

The shop is open two days a week, Tuesday 10-1pm and Thursday 3-6pm.

Find out more about The Market Place by emailing or calling 0330 303 3000.  

Apply for membership of The Market Place