How we keep you informed

We keep you informed through a variety of print publications and online platforms.

We send out a Bulletin magazine every three months which gives you the latest news about SLH and your community. 

We will also keep you informed through our digital platforms such as this website and our social media channels. This is a fast and effective way of communicating with our customers however we understand that not everyone wishes to communicate digitally.  Therefore we ensure that where ever possible we communicate this information in other ways such as through Bulletin, posters, or flyers through your door.

How are we performing?

In each edition of Bulletin we let you know how we are performing against areas that we know are important to you such as repairs and anti-social behaviour.

Each year we give you a full overview of how we are performing against all our targets in our
Annual Report which is made available to all tenants.

We also let you know what to expect from the services you receive from us through Our Promises.  These Promises have been devised after consulting with tenants to find out what the most important aspects of each service are. 

Find out how we are performing against aspects of our services 

If you would like a copy of Our Promises please contact

Consulting with you about major service or structural change

Before we start any planned maintenance scheme we will provide involvement opportunities to talk to you about the work being carried out.  This may include consultation events, focus groups or surveys to gather your opinion. 

If decisions need to be made about different product or design options, we will involve tenants in this decision-making process.  We may also invite tenants to take part in the selection process of suppliers where necessary.

We will also consult with tenants throughout any major works to ensure they are informed throughout the process.