Non-dependent deductions

A non-dependant is someone, over the age of 18, who lives in your home but is not your partner and not financially dependent on you. This could be a grown-up daughter, son or other relative.

If you have a non-dependant living with you then the amount of Housing Benefit you receive will reduce. The amount deducted depends on the circumstances of the non-dependant such as whether they work or claim benefits. This is because Housing Benefit assumes that the person living with you will be making a contribution towards your rent. Even if you don’t ask that person to contribute towards your rent, Housing Benefit will still apply this deduction. There are some circumstances where there are no Housing Benefit deductions from non-dependants such as if they are a full-time student or where the person claiming Housing Benefit is receiving the middle or high rate Disability Living Allowance.

If you need more advice about non-dependant deductions contact your Neighbourhood Officer for advice.

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