Volunteer at The Market Place

Published: 31 January 2017

Our community shop, The Market Place, is going from strength to strength, with over 240 South Liverpool Homes tenants signed up as members.

The shop at 177 Western Avenue, Speke, opened its doors in September and has fast become an essential part of the local community, offering quality food and household goods at a fair price for those who need it most.

We’re looking to build up our bank of volunteers at the shop to cope with increasing demand. Would you like to take the step into volunteering and give something back to your community?

We spoke to Cathy, who has volunteered at the shop since it opened, to find out more about the impact her work has and what she gets out of volunteering at The Market Place.

“I saw this in the SLH office when I was paying my rent and thought it sounded a good idea,” said Cathy.

“It's for the people of Speke - I see the people I'm helping.” she continued. “You get out and meet other people and you don't vegetate in your own four walls. You're not stuck in. It keeps your brain going.”

If you’d like to experience the same benefits as Cathy and her fellow volunteers, get in touch with us at themarketplace@slhgroup.co.uk or call 0330 303 3000 and ask about The Market Place.

For more information on the shop and to find out about membership go to The Market Place homepage.

Want to developing your confidence and skills in volunteering? Find out about our Volunteer Academy.