South Liverpool students get SUMO training

Published: 10 August 2016

Students at Enterprise South Liverpool Academy (ESLA) got a pre-exam boost earlier in the year, with SUMO training facilitated by South Liverpool Homes (SLH).

Not the traditional form of Japanese wrestling, SUMO (“I choose” in Latin and an acronym for ‘Shut Up and Move On) is a life skills programme that focuses on confidence and aspiration-building through visualising goals.

Following a successful staff course at SLH, the organisation’s Enterprise Team felt that young people in South Liverpool could benefit from SUMO training, leading to the delivery of a series of school-specific sessions between March and May 2016.

The course reached 50 students from year 10, who were split into small groups, delivered by local accredited SUMO trainer Dave Verberg.

Dave’s training certainly hit the spot with students at a potentially stressful time in their lives, preparing for GCSEs. As a part of their course evaluation, students commented that they learned:

  • How to take control of their own lives
  • How to share their feelings
  • What are good and bad relationships
  • To respect other people’s point of view
  • That people see the world differently
  • How to deal with stress
  • To be nice to people
  • To not argue over stupid things
  • To seize the day
  • That it’s okay to be down sometimes

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