Solar Panels FAQ

How do solar panels work?
Solar panels convert daylight into electricity. The electricity generated will reduce the amount you use which means your electricity bill will be cheaper.

Why has my home been chosen?
We carried out an independent survey over the summer months and around a fifth of our homes have been identified as possibly benefiting from solar panels. These homes have been identified because of their location. Only homes that face the sun at a certain angle will be able to benefit from solar panels.

My home's not been included. Can I get help with my bills?
Helping tenants with fuel debt is a high priority for us and we will continue to make sure your homes are as energy efficient as possible.

We also have an Affordable Living Team who can visit you in your home to give you advice on saving money on your gas and electricity bills. Get in touch to arrange an appointment.

Will it cost me anything?
No. All installation costs will be paid by us.

How long will they last?
The solar panels will last for 25 years with little or no maintenance.

Which part of my roof will they be installed on?
Depending on which way your roof is facing the panel may be installed on the front or back of your home.


This programme is subject to funding from the Government. If there are any changes to the funding then this will affect our programme and we might not be able to complete all the homes identified. We will let you know if this happens.