Solar panel scheme in South Liverpool is hotting up

South Liverpool Homes (SLH) is helping tenants save around £140 a year on their energy bills by installing free solar panels to their homes.

SLH will install solar photovoltaic panels to around 750 homes by December 2015 after the majority of tenants said they would be interested in having them installed on their roofs following a survey in May. The results showed that an overwhelming 86% of tenants were in favour of the project. 

In partnership with Top Notch and Solar King, over 300 households have had panels installed after work began on the project in September this year. This follows an assessment that determined which homes would benefit the most by checking on the size and angle of each roof and if they were obstructed by any trees or buildings. It is estimated that tenants will make combined savings of £2.1 million in electricity costs over the next 20 years as well as generating an average of 19 tonnes of carbon savings per household over the same period.

Gareth Rigby, Head of Assets at SLH said, “Eradicating fuel poverty and ensuring tenants are warm and well in our homes is a high priority for us. Tenants won’t pay a penny towards the cost of installing and maintaining the solar panels, they will simply reap the benefits by paying less on their electricity bills, just in time for the colder months. At SLH we take our green agenda very seriously and this is just one of a number of initiatives we are introducing to ensure we are reducing our environmental impact.”

He continued, “Obviously, we would have loved to have installed these panels on all 3,637 homes we manage, but unfortunately this just isn’t possible due the angle in which some of our homes face the sun. But that’s not to say those tenants won’t benefit from saving in their energy bills; we have an Affordable Living Team who have helped tenants make combined savings of over £400,000 since the team was set up in February 2013.”

SLH is committed to renewable forms of energy and have already installed solar panels to two independent living schemes in Woolton and all new build properties. And recently they purchased six foldaway bikes for employees to use when they are out and about in the community, helping staff to stay fit and healthy as well as protecting the environment.