Introducing SLH Home Swap – the quick and easy way to swap your home

Published: 13 September 2016

South Liverpool Homes (SLH) is delighted to announce SLH Home Swap – a new service that aims to make it quick and easy to swap homes with other SLH tenants.

Perhaps you are in a one-bedroom flat and your family is growing? Maybe you’re struggling to look after a larger house and are looking to downsize to a smaller home? Whatever your circumstances our Think South Liverpool team can help match you up with other SLH tenants who also wish to swap within South Liverpool, taking the legwork and hassle out of the exchange process.

“I was in a big three-bedroom family home which had a garden at the back, garden at the front, which was a bit too big for me,” said SLH tenant Iris, who has recently swapped homes in Garston with fellow SLH tenant Jane.

“It was just so easy, so simple,” continued Iris. “If we were unsure of anything we just had to get in touch with South Liverpool Homes. It was just really easy - no problem at all.”

Jane wanted to move to a larger home but stay in Garston where she had been living for the past six years. “I wanted to stay basically where the station is, this side of Garston - for work commitments, the transport, the train, the buses.”

“SLH Customer Services – brilliant,” added Jane. “Everything about them - and I'm not just saying it - all the way through this exchange has been perfect.”

How does the process work?

Our Think South Liverpool team have made the SLH Home Swap process as simple as possible, managing the time-consuming process of finding the right home for tenants with changing needs and circumstances: 

  1. Register for SLH Home Swap by calling 0151 285 5630 or emailing
  2. Complete a simple application and supply the required documents.
  3. Once registered a Neighbourhood Officer will visit you to check the condition of your home and discuss your requirements and reasons for moving.
  4. Once approved, your application will be added to our SLH Home Swap register allowing the Think South Liverpool team to begin looking for appropriate matches.
  5. The Think South Liverpool team will contact potential matches to assess their suitability and help put you in contact with them to arrange mutual viewings.

What about Homeswapper?

Want to move out of South Liverpool, to another housing association, district or part of the country? Tenants who wish to exchange homes outside of South Liverpool Homes’ area can use the Homeswapper website to search for suitable exchanges.

For Homeswapper the process works as follows:

  1. Log onto and create an account.
  2. Your account will be sent to SLH who will need to approve its use - at this point SLH will check if there are any arrears or anti-social behaviour issues on file before authorising.
  3. Once authorised you are free to search the website for appropriate exchanges. When one of these is presented the website offers the opportunity to be put in touch with the tenant of the home and make contact.

Find out more about SLH Home Swap

If you wish to swap homes with another SLH tenant, please contact our Think South Liverpool team on 0151 285 5630 or email and ask about SLH Home Swap.