Eight top tips for saving money this Christmas

Published: 15 December 2016

Christmas can be a fun and magical time, but it can be extremely expensive too. The average family spends around £800, most of which is spent on food, drink, cards and decorations. Last year, National Debtline received 61% more phone calls from people asking for advice after overspending.
We want you to enjoy Christmas without falling into money troubles. If you are worried about money, or have overspent already, there is still time to get yourself back on track. South Liverpool Homes has joined up with other Merseyside housing associations to give you some tips to help you through the festive period.

Top tips to avoid over-spending this Christmas

  1. Make a list, and check it twice – buying on impulse can be dangerously expensive.
  2. Time the heating, so it’s only on when you are at home.
  3. Turn down the heating while you cook Christmas dinner, the excess heat from the kitchen will help to warm the surrounding areas
  4. When decorating your tree and house, switch to LED Christmas lights to reduce your energy consumption by up to 90%
  5. Turn your fairy lights off when you leave the house or go to bed, this will save on bills and reduce the risk of fire.
  6. Watch out for illegal money lenders or loan sharks. They seem friendly at first, but are bound to bite you back. Talk to us if you have concerns about this.
  7. It's not too late to switch - compare your energy tariffs and prepare to switch provider to save £££. Get in touch with SLH's Affordable Living Team on 0330 303 3000.
  8. You can find more Christmas money tips from National Debtline here and moneysavingexpert.com

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