Every penny counts

Our Every penny counts strategy covers our approach to value for money, risk management, and governance. It sets out our planned approach to running our business effectively to meet the needs of our corporate plan in a well led and viable way.

Value for money
For us, value for money is about delivering our corporate objectives in the most cost effective way possible. It means that we will run the business well to deliver the things that we need to do, and the things that are important to those we serve.

We believe that value for money is about striking the right balance between relatively low costs, high productivity and successful outcomes. We know that some of the services we deliver are not always low cost compared to similar organisations, but we will have made informed decisions based upon the needs of our customers which support our tailored services and we keep our delivery under review to ensure it is efficient and effective.

SLH is confident that we meet the expectations of the Homes & Communities Agency (HCA), the social housing regulator, and their value for money standard. Our value for money self-assessment document summarises our self-assessment for 2015/16, giving detail as to how the standard is met.

Risk management
Risk management is about anticipating what may lie ahead and dealing with unexpected issues in order to meet our corporate objectives. We operate within a fast changing environment which requires us to have both an internal and external assessment tool which assesses impact and potential impact. The effective management of risk, for us, is about anticipating it, having plans in place and reviewing plans regularly in line with our Board’s agreed annual risk statement.

Excellence in governance is about the framework in which our Board and its committee structures lead, direct, control, scrutinise and evaluate the work that we do.

Value for money self assessment

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